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(no subject)

Jul. 3rd, 2005 | 03:52 pm
posted by: 701126 in 24_eps

Welcome to 24 Episodes! Please join the community to access the entries.

[January 18 2006]

Membership for this community is now moderated. If it looks like you've created a journal just to leech from us, you won't be approved.

Things we look for when we go to approve or decline your membership:
  • When your journal was created - if you've just created a journal and try to join the community, you will be rejected.
  • When your journal was last updated - if you haven't updated for a long time, we assume you don't really use LJ and you're joining merely to leech, and you will be rejected.
  • Whether you have friends or not - again, if you have no friends, we assume you're not really using LJ.
  • If you're a member of other 24 related communities - this shows us that you have an interest in the show, and again, you're not here merely to leech.

    If you're waiting on a pending membership, be patient! We have lives, so we don't always approve the minute you try to join. :P You will get an e-mail when you've been approved or declined, so please don't ask if we've gotten around to your membership - the e-mail should let you know.
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