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Welcome to 24_Eps!

This community has moderated membership. You must join the community, and be approved for membership, before you can see the posts here.

Why was I rejected?

Possible reasons for rejection include: your journal has not been updated recently, has very few posts in general, is extremely new, has no or very few friends, only belongs to this type of community, has no icons and still uses the default LJ layout, or we have heard that you're a chucklehead.

Most of the time, it's simply a matter of your journal activity. If you were rejected but would like to apply again, please send an e-mail (that states your username somewhere in the body clearly) to 24epsmod@gmail.com. If you're just not that social, or if you're new and a friend referred you, etc. we will definitely reconsider your request.

All community members are required to read THE RULES when they become a member. If you break the rules, you're out, so read them.

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